Concierge Psychotherapy & Wellness

PIMH offers personal psychotherapy and wellness services in your own environment: workplace, home, or retreat. If your schedule, life-style, or need for confidentiality and anonymity are at issue, let us come to you. Schedule individual sessions with our therapists or any of our wellness practitioners. Also consider monthly plans for multiple sessions at your convenience.

Services Include

Psychotherapy and Counseling
(Judith Gusky)
  • Counseling and psychotherapy for individual, couples, groups, families
  • Wide range of mental health issues
  • Adults, adolescents, children
Guided meditations and mindfulness training
(Judith Gusky, Felicia Palazzola, Kevin Henry)
  • For stress reduction, improved performance and focus, behavior modification, inner balance, spiritual exploration
Special Guided Imagery and Music therapy
(Maria Carlini)

For uncovering deeply held issues and memories. For expanding consciousness and creativity.

Light-touch healing therapies, including CranioSacral therapy
(Emmanuel Birstein)
  • Unique therapy for healing of mind, body, and spirit with renowned healer, Emmanuel Birstein
Yogic breathwork training
(Emmanuel Birstein)
  • For long-term health, performance, and balance. Also with Emmanuel Birstein.
Hypnotherapy for Self Improvement
(Felicia Palazzola, Kevin Henry)
  • Including, addictions, weight control, anger management, self valuation.
Spiritual Crisis Management
(Judith Gusky)
  • Past life memories, paranormal experiences, transformative and disruptive visions/dreams.



60-minute sessions:          $275
90-minute sessions:          $375
120-minute sessions:        $475


60-minute sessions:          $325
90-minute sessions:          $425
120-minute sessions:        $525

Concierge Plans (10% discounted pricing)

$1980 up to 8 hours per month
$2970 up to 12 hours per month
$5940 up to 24 hours per month

All plans are customized to the needs of the client. Call Judith Gusky to discuss your options today: 412-687-1234.