Craniosacral Therapy is a derivative of cranial osteopathy and is much more popular than biodynamic osteopathy. It is performed by practitioners who do not require either a medical education and/or lengthy training. The therapy is effective and simple. However, it is not always recognized by the official medical establishment. The most popular form of Craniosacral Therapy was originated by John Upledger, DO. Doctor Upledger greatly simplified mainstream cranial osteopathy of his time without compromising its effectiveness. This approach does not use the Breath of Life as a prime treatment facilitator. Rather, it is the practitioner who finds and releases the lesions, primary respiratory mechanism being merely a therapist’s reference. Upledger’s remarkable leadership in the popularization of cranial osteopathy was his founding and directing an institution that teaches some basic therapeutic skills to hundreds of thousands of lay people all over the world. Dr. Upledger also was the first physician who publicly demystified the connection between connective tissue and emotions and popularized a technique of somato-emotional release (SER). The certification in Craniosacral Therapy is provided by the Upledger Institute. While the Upledger classes are available to everyone, only a few practitioners pursue the rigorous certification process and only those who do can be legitimately classified as Craniosacral Therapist.