Breathwork & Movement with Emmanuel Birstein

All you have to do is just ... BREATHE.
But breathe properly!

Join Emmanuel in a unique opportunity to  learn how to breathe correctly for the rest of your life!  In just four hours!

Proper Breathing Heals

What is our usual way of breathing?
At best – we use either the chest or the abdomen, not the diaphragm. It is no wonder that we feel only partially healthy.

Proper breathing is a part of many Eastern practices - Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi. But most instructors who teach these ancient practices have not learned or mastered the skill of breathing diaphragmatically. Those who attend these classes may learn a few simple breathing techniques, but when the classes end, they soon return to their habitual way of breathing 

With proper breathing health and healing occurs. When we breath properly:

  • Our lungs work at full capacity, providing oxygen to all organs and tissues, literally "breathing life" into every cell of our body
  • Our spine straightens, creating a reliable support throughout the body, vertebrae align correctly, the nerves extending from the spine to all the body's organs function at peak capacity
  • Our emotional state automatically stabilizes with each deep, full, steady breath, and our "nerve conditions" disappear.

Proper Breathing -- The Path to Health Workshop

In Emmanuel's four-hour workshop, Proper Breathing: The Path to Health, you will master a simple set of breathing and movement exercises that will help you learn to breathe correctly (without effort)  24 X 7 for the rest of you life.

In the workshop Emmanuel teaches four simple easy-to-learn exercises. Anyone can learn them---persons of any age, physique, or health condition. Once you learn these exercises you can add them to your daily exercise routine. Just ten minutes of simple breathing and movements every morning and evening. You will experience maximum effect with minimal effort.

In fact even before the end of the workshop you will experience an immediate effect. And over the long term you may experience significant benefits. Dozens of Emmanuel’s students practicing this simple set of exercises everyday report that they no longer need medications.

Additionally, all students receive Emmanuel’s personal contact information and at any time after the workshop you can contact  Emmanuel with questions on the exercises

Class Details

  • Location: Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health, 160 N. Craig St., Pittsburgh PA 15213
  • Scheduling: Call for details: 412-687-1234 or SIGN UP for PIMH Newsletter for regular announcements.
  • Offsite scheduling at your business or facility is also available. Call for details: 412-687-1234.
  • Class Size: 10 participants maximum
  • Dress Code: Loose comfortable gym attire. Participants should be barefoot during the exercises.
  • There will be a short break, and it is advisable to bring water and a light snack.