Emmanuel Birstein LMT, CST

"The balance between body, mind and spirit enhances our inherent ability to get well and to grow. I honor the intelligence of the living organism to ensure deeper and long-lasting results." 

Emmanuel Birstein is unique in his field of holistic health care. As practitioner and educator, the healing work he does with clients comes from a blend of contemporary sophisticated therapeutic bodywork and very simple ancient practices of yoga, qigong, and tai chi. Emmanuel sees patients of all ages, from birth to old age and successfully works on a wide range of disorders from skin conditions to depression and anxiety, from chronic illness to fresh trauma, from cosmetic issues to palliative care, from fluid disorders to allergies and more. As a result of his training and life experience Emmanuel has the skills to perceive and respond to the body's innate ability to heal itself. His clients are partners in their search for better health, "especially children and babies," he says, "because their will to be well is so strong."

Emmanuel is the only fully-certified adult and infant Craniosacral Therapist in Western PA.

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Emmanuel encourages his clients to call him with questions and concerns about their health. In addition, clients who may experience acute symptoms have free phone access to Emmanuel 24/7 in which he will walk them through the episode.

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Who is Emmanuel Birstein?

Born in the former Soviet Union, Emmanuel Birstein immigrated to the United States and settled in Pittsburgh, PA in 1979 at the age of thirty-two.

Emmanuel studied electrical engineering and received a master's degree from a prestigious St. Petersburg school in Russia. After settling in Pittsburgh he worked as an engineer in the steel industry. Within a short period of time he conceived a unique concept of computer control for steel and aluminum manufacturing. To the conventional computer models of the time, based solely on math and physics, Emmanuel added the component of simulated human learning or "artificial intelligence." He designed and implemented software that had the ability of learning from experience, just as people did. However, unlike people, computers never forget anything and never have a bad day. Wired to numerous sensors, computers could learn in less than an hour what took many years for a person to learn.

As an engineering consultant in the expanding field of artificial intelligence, Emmanuel traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and North America. But, eventually, he left behind the lucrative business of artificial intelligence in search of (in his own words) "the ultimate intelligence."

Emmanuel moved to the Tug Hill region of upstate New York and spent the winter of 2000 living alone in a yurt at a ski center. On weekends he taught ski lessons and coached children from local schools. Emmanuel himself had been a competitive cross-country skier. Then, following the advice of friends that he should work with people, Emmanuel chose a career in the field of therapeutic bodywork. He trained in multiple manual therapies throughout Asia, North America and Europe (including the Canadian College of Osteopathy) and soon began teaching some of these modalities.

In 2005 Emmanuel met a group of Russian osteopathic physicians who invited him to teach in Russia. Since that time he has been traveling to Russia at least a half dozen times each year as instructor and clinician.

In the years 2007-2012, Emmanuel traveled extensively to India where he worked at the Himalayan Medical Institute and Hospital in the vicinity of Rishikesh. There he served as a faculty member of the cancer research division and also treated patients in an outpatient clinic and in inpatient departments, including oncology, orthopedics, and trauma. While working in India he was fortunate to be initiated into secret practices of meditation, movement, and breathwork.

Emmanuel spent more than a decade refining his own philosophy and practice of working with patients. By 2012, he had developed his unique concepts of effective treatment and now teaches them to medical professionals. From 2012 through late 2014 Emmanuel taught 46 seminars in five cities throughout his native Russia. 

Emmanuel teaches (or "initiates") only D.O.s and M.D.s because, he says, “it takes a certain maturity to practice my methods." Of course, a diploma and years of experience do not guarantee the maturity. "I make exceptions after interviewing potential participants," says Emmanuel. What he teaches and what he practices continually evolves. While in the earlier years of his career Emmanuel’s work was inspired by what he learned from multiple teachers, now the progression of his endeavor is driven only by his students and his patients.

What people are saying about Emmanuel Birstein

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I have enjoyed the benefits of a 15 year relationship with Emmanuel Birstein. Emmanuel has helped me with various health issues: sinus headache, digestive problems, anxiety issues, alignment and any other ailment that was causing me pain or discomfort. I have found that I typically can go about a year to 18 months before needing another session. After all this time, it is still difficult for me to explain what he does. I consider myself fortunate to have met and been treated by Emmanuel. I highly recommend him for anyone open to alternative methods of medicine. Emmanuel treats the problem not the symptom. (2013) C. B., Pittsburgh PA

I had suffered from depression most of my life.... In my very first appointment [with Emmanuel] my depression was gone. (2014) H.S., Pittsburgh PA

I first wanted to thank you for assisting Emmanuel Birstein when he did Craniosacral work on me at the end of the [Active Isolated Stretching]class ... a little over a month ago. I would like to give you an update on how effective this work was. In this last month I have not had the recurring nightmare I had been having for over three years following a rear end collision. In fact I have had only one panic attack while a passenger in the car. Also the need to react in a protective clamped down reaction has completely left my lower half of my body. I am extremely grateful to all of you and especially Emmanuel and James for the wonderful and effective work they have done. (2014) M.H. Pittsburgh PA

Six months ago when I started cranio sacral treatments with Emmanuel Birstein, I had been suffering the physical effects of a stress disorder, such as insomnia, tinnitus and digestive problems, for over a year after partial shoulder replacement surgery. The physical symptoms were not the only signs of my malaise. They also included poor energy levels, inability to concentrate at work, lack of intuition and creativity. During the course of the treatments, my inner spark came back, the very essence of who I am and how I interact with others. My ability to rest came back. I take pleasure in my work again. I am sleeping better and not waking up bleary and feeling sick during the day. Healing a nervous system disorder takes time and not all the symptoms have disappeared but they are so much reduced that I can function and live. Emmanuel helped me understand that all the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual capacities are connected and that as my shoulder heals and regains range of motion, so will every other part of me. I'm well on the way.

Summary Report of Impact of the CranioSacral Therapy

Things that disappeared:
  • Tinnitus on left side
  • Shots of pain through brain and ears
  • Loose stool
  • Imbalance in hips
  • Severe insomnia
  • Periodic set-backs with all 3 symptoms
  • Severe tightness in the shoulder
  • Aversion to noise, including music
Things that returned:
  • Spark (who I am)
  • Ability to function at work
  • Ability to rest
  • Ability to focus
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Energy and strength
  • Emotional stability
(2006) Patient R, Pittsburgh PA

I have Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease), and I have tried different therapies to stop the progression of my disease with no success. I was referred to Emmanuel over a year ago. Emmanuel has not cured me, but he was the only one who consistently helped me to ease my breathing, to relax, to reduce swelling and to be free of pain. On one occasion Emmanuel even moved my kidney stone saving me from unbearable pain and the imminent surgery. (2004) F. C. Pittsburgh PA

Emmanuel helped to facilitate healing in my body by asking the right questions to bring about pain release. (No one has ever done that before). Emmanuel worked in conjunction with his Craniosacral therapy techniques at the same moment I made the verbal statement and mental decision to release the pain. As a result of his Craniosacral therapy techniques, I felt lighter, freer, more peaceful and my deep SI joint pain was gone. (2004) T. K., California

My right shoulder was frozen about 8 yrs ago. Although I regained mobility, my range of motion remained greatly compromised. Using a combination of myofascial and orthopedic techniques Emmanuel resolved my limited range of motion. As a therapist, I fully expected gradual release of my tissue restriction. However, Emmanuel returned my range of motion in one session. I was impressed with Emmanuel’s thorough knowledge and impressive skills. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Emmanuel. (2004) S. D., Madison WI

I am a healthy person in my mid forties. I saw Emmanuel only once just to get relaxed. I did get relaxed, and unexpectedly after that appointment I got back my problem-solving skills as if I was 25 years old again. In addition, for more than a month after the session I could read without glasses. Thank you Emmanuel for making my life brighter! O. M., Pittsburgh PA

Emmanuel Birstein was able to clear my inner ear of fluid AFTER I had 5 months of unsuccessful treatment by an internist and an ear specialist. I highly recommend him as a skilled professional in his field. (2004) S. W., Pittsburgh PA

Emmanuel, I would like to thank you for my recent treatment. After learning about your work I was a little skeptical. I had no major physical problems but knew my body was not quite right after having 3 children in less than 3 years. I did not want to use a chiropractor and become dependent. I was willing to try Craniosacral therapy with the understanding that I would not need to continually rely on the therapy. The session itself was phenomenal. I was intrigued with how knowledgeable you were with the body and how you have a gift and can feel tension and pain. While working on my ankles you could sense the changes in my hips and I could feel the sensation also. Even if I had not received positive results from the therapy, the massage itself was wonderful. During our discussion I learned that emotions are embedded in the connective tissue and emotional issues are sometimes dealt with during sessions. I mentioned to you my fear of jumping horses. I have been riding for over 20 years and have been trying to overcome this fear for most of that time. Even though I knew why I had the fear, I could not rid myself of the tension and nausea. Let me tell you, fear of jumping is counterproductive to a good ride. After the one treatment, I have noticed an incredible difference in my riding. I spent the last weekend jumping fences I could not imagine jumping prior to the treatment. I was asking my trainer to jump some of the elements. Various people have commented on the change and I can only attribute it to your treatment. Thank you many times over. Gratefully, K.B. (2004)

I wanted to just send a quick update. Landon is now off almost all seizure drugs! This is the first time in 4 years he has been almost drug free! He is still on a small dose of lyrica. Because of that he was having trouble sleeping and I started giving 3mL of melatonin. It seemed to really help the last two nights and helped with his daytime jerks. He is super happy and doing amazing! He is so close to so many milestones! Hope you are having a good trip. We will see you when you get back around the 7th, right? This was during lunchtime. He is now eating pancakes and waffles along with other things! H.K., West Virginia

We have been seeing Emmanuel for over a year with our now 4.5 year old son who has seizures, and developmental delay. We can't express how grateful we are for the amazing milestones Emmanuel has helped Landon with. He has helped with GI issues, sleep issues, low tone, and most recently helping him eat 100% by mouth after almost 3 years of complete g tube feeds. Emmanuel has given hope when we felt hopeless. Landon is really doing amazing! Eating everything and now moving everywhere! H.K., West Virginia

After Emmanuel’s work our child completely changed. He could sleep peacefully, his headaches stopped torturing him, he became successful in school, became full of life and joy. Our family’s life has transformed because our boy stopped suffering. We will be always grateful to Emmanuel. God give him health and longevity. L. Z., Russia

After the treatment with Emmanuel my headaches and neck pain disappeared. The fibroma in my left breast dissolved and the wound on my left leg that for three months bothered me with inflammation was healed. The quality of life has changed: I feel fine emotionally. With love for Emmanuel and life. M.V., Russia

I had polyps in my uterus and had the surgery already scheduled. And then I was referred to Emmanuel. After the session the bleeding immediately stopped and I felt an extraordinary relief. Since then I feel 10 years younger (and I'm only 32). Although Emmanuel suggested to wait with the decision about the surgery till my next period, I could not wait –since I was about to leave for a third world country. The surgery was performed as scheduled without any complications, and I feel fine now. I am sure this is due to Emmanuel. T.P., Russia

I want to express great thanks to Emmanuel Birstein!!! I was lucky enough to have two sessions of osteopathic treatment with him, and the results of his work are stunning. Relief came immediately after the first session. I came to see him in a very bad acute state: my face was swollen, pus oozing from the eyes, sharp pain from the injury of my back and wrist. In two days that followed the swelling decreased and the oozing stopped. A week later I completely recovered and forgot my troubles. M.F., Russia

I am a very emotional person, I take everything to heart. After strong emotions I literally felt heaviness, pain in the chest and started coughing. After Emmanuel worked with me, I felt an amazing tranquility and my entire body relaxed. The first session was followed by a period of acute cough, that was taken care of by a homeopathic remedy. After the second session I started perceiving everything in a different way. The tranquil state of mind, that descended on me during the second session still stays with me. Constant agitation, emotional instability are gone, my reactions are calmer - and the coughing did not come back! A.P., Russia

I had internal adhesions after two abdominal surgeries. I physically felt tension in my pelvic organs. I had gynecological problems and constant low back ache. Right during the first session with Emmanuel the sensation was like everything in the abdomen stretched and relaxed. There was a feeling of relief. After the first session, the surface scar was much softer, and after the second - it got smooth, the ovary on the left side stopped bothering me, the gynecological problems were gone. And lower back, which has been hurting for ten years after the surgery, is now almost pain free. A.T., Russia

This person has special therapeutic abilities. His huge experience in the treatment of injuries is particularly unique. I personally know a person who had her fracture completely healed in one session in a campsite situation. Doctor R. L., MD, Russia

Emmanuel's Therapeutic Bodywork

Emmanuel's work is inspired by therapeutic modalities that in the United States have gained popularity under such trade names as Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Biodynamic, Nerve and Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Stimulation, Structural Integrative Therapy (Rolfing), Myofascial Therapy (or Release), Orthopedic Massage and Postural Integration - most of those being derivatives of traditional osteopathy. 

Authentic Yoga Practice

Working in a large hospital in Northern India, Emmanuel was privileged to become a disciple of two remarkable sages. Both were medical doctors in the past and left their successful practice to lead a secluded life and stay out of the public eye. One of them achieved an amazing state of consciousness while the other came close to physical perfection. Emmanuel was one of the few whom they taught the unique skills that combined yoga, chi gong and tai chi. Later he adapted these practices for pragmatic Western people.

In addition to bodywork, Emmanuel shows functional and user-friendly movements and breathwork to patients who express the desire to learn and include them in their daliy routine. Such practice facilitates patients' well-being, decreases their dependence on therapy (including even Emmanuel's own) and augments any medical treatment that they may receive concurrently.

Small Group Workshops

Emmanuel also teaches small groups of individuals who want to enhance their professional or athletic performance and/or their personal health. In these workshops he does not introduce or discuss any particular philosophy or therapeutic technique. The training is based exclusively on practicing and experiencing movements, breathing and meditations. Professional workshops with Emmanuel  include seminars for osteopathic physicians titled Spiritual Practices and Fluid Techniques for Medical Professionals. All classes are taught to small groups in three or four day format depending on the experience and the background of the students. The students receive individual attention to ensure that by the end of the workshop they are proficient in their skills and confident that they can continue using the acquired expertise in their own offices and facilities.

For more information call: 412.687.1234