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The balance between body, mind and spirit enhances our inherent ability to get well, to grow and develop. My clients are partners in their search for better health. The work that I do as practitioner and educator comes from a blend of contemporary sophisticated manual therapy and very simple ancient practices of yoga and qigong. In addition to traditional therapeutic sessions, I teach a set of very simple exercises that encourages my clients to switch from their habitual breathing pattern to a breathing pattern that would become the foundation in their path of self-healing.

My approach is equally beneficial for the body, spirit and emotion and does not depend either on age or on the state of health. Therefore, it works for a baby with birth trauma or an elderly person, an Olympic athlete or a housewife. I have the experience of working with chronic illness and fresh trauma, cosmetic issues and palliative care, phobias and depression, immunodeficiency disorders, musculoskeletal problems, digestive tract issues, and more.

The tools that I use in my practice are known in the US as Craniosacral Therapy, Craniosacral Biodynamics, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral and Neural Manipulations, Myofascial Therapy, etc. All of them are the derivatives of traditional osteopathy.As a result of my life experience and my studies, I am convinced that a physician or practitioner who wants to help his or her patient to achieve the ultimate health needs to rely on the inherent ability of humans to heal.

With great reverence, I support the instinctive tendency of the living organism to stay healthy. This assures deep and stable results of my work. My clients are my partners in the search for their lost (or forgotten) health. Children and babies are the best partners because their instincts are less burdened by their mind and the society (civilization).

  • Hundreds of grateful clients
  • Maximal effect in a short period of time
  • Each client is a whole that should not be divided into parts: structure, emotions, intellect, soul, etc.


The uniqueness of my work is that I combine modern Western techniques with elements of ancient Eastern practices of qigong and yoga. For me, spirituality, love, faith are not abstract ethical concepts, nor do they have anything to do with religious zeal. They are tangible bodily sensations, a quite particular state of being. In this state, I fully relinquish my own problems and become very sensitive to the needs of the client. In this state, I am able to provide the best assistance to clients on the road to the original perfection in which they (and all men) were conceived. I not only reach this particular state of being, but I teach it to others including physicians, osteopaths, and manual therapy practitioners.

Client Testimonial

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"My great thanks to Emmanuel [Birstein]. He did not just cured me, but enabled my soul to transform my existence in this world, to look at myself from the outside in a new way. His hands, his brain and ... I do not know what else work miracles!!! Once again, thank you very much Emmanuel."

This patient was literally sewn together by a prominent surgeon 25 years ago after a trauma that shuttered his body. He was in pain ever since. I worked on his scars in silence for 1.5 hours, and his pain disappeared. (Emmanuel Birstein)


I am a Certified Craniosacral Therapist by the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners and the author and practitioner of unique therapeutic methods. My education and training has included studies at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (non-matriculated). I completed the core curricula of the Upledger, Barral and Chickly institutes. From 2005-2013 I took more than twenty postgraduate classes for physicians on biodynamics of osteopathy, pediatrics and advanced osteopathy in Russia, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

Since 2003, I have taught advanced bodywork modalities in North America, Europe and Asia. After developing my own fluid bodywork techniques, I taught them to Russian osteopathic physicians as a part of their postgraduate education. I now teach a unique system that significantly increases the efficiency of doctors and practitioners. My classes are open to certified osteopaths.


In the years 2007-2012, I traveled extensively to India where I worked at the Himalayan Medical Institute and Hospital in the vicinity of Rishikesh. There I served as a faculty member of the cancer research division and also treated patients in an outpatient clinic and in inpatient departments, including oncology, orthopedics, and trauma.

During these long teaching tours to Northern India, I met with distinctive masters of yoga and chi-gong and they initiated me into their secrets. My experience in India was priceless in many ways. However, unexpectedly, it strengthened my loyalty to my heritage and my adherence to the Western therapeutic style. As a result of these extensive journeys I came to two important realizations: First: The quest for spirituality happens "within" and the best soil for such quest is a person's own native culture. Second: In India I discovered that the venerable gurus and avid yogis
— all of them —just as all average folks, when they get sick they prefer using Western medicine and Western practitioners of holistic medicine.