Manual Lymph "Stimulation" Therapy (MLST) evolved recently as an extension of Emmanual Birstein's practice of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique. He stumbled upon this method overseas working with a lymphedema patient whose condition was critical. See case report below.

Case Report

In the summer of 2006 in Russia a patient with severe lymphedema was referred to me for a treatment. Since the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) was not available there and I never practiced it myself, I felt a particular pressure to help. Out of desperation I modified the commonly used Lymphatic Drainage Technique, and to my surprise and to the joy of the patient the edema and associated symptoms steadily diminished. Later I called it Manual Lymphatic Stimulation (MLST). It is an exceptionally gentle modality that uses the activation of the lymphatic system itself rather than coercing the lymph through obstructed pathways. What sets this method apart from MLST is that in addition to lymph it directly affects all other fluids of the organism, most notably extra cellular.

Since the summer of 2006 my students and I have used Manual Lymph Stimulation Therapy (MLST) on several lymphedema patients. The decongestion achieved during MLST sessions held up between sessions without the application of compression bandages or garments. Thus, the steady improvement was achieved solely by Manual Lymphatic Stimulation. The method is still in the development stage. However it is safe, gentle and has no side effects.