Mental Health Counseling

Mental health is a broad term that refers to the state of our feelings (emotions), thinking, and behavior. Because each facet of our mental health is intimately intertwined, it's never easy to say what came first when something goes wrong. Mental health and mental illness find expression in our self-concept, in our relationships, and in our view of the world. People come to counseling from a variety of backgrounds and for a variety of reasons.

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Unraveling the Source

The mental health counselor (Licensed Professional Counselor--LPC) looks at each piece of the puzzle in helping clients search for the source of their current difficulties. When you first come in, we ask you to explain the problem or difficulty as you see it and what you would like to accomplish. We also ask you to provide a little personal background in an effort to better assess your situation. Recommendations are then made regarding a treatment plan or the need for a referral to another mental health professional. Sometimes people come in for only one session which is often treated as a consultation.Others undertake longer-term treatment, depending on the problem and goals. 

In subsequent sessions, we ask you to provide as much information as possible on a range of subjects: family history and relationships, medical history and medications, previous experiences in therapy, education and interests, spiritual and religious beliefs and outlooks, etc. This information guides the therapist in helping you to disassemble and reassemble the pieces of your life in a way that will bring you closer to a state of good mental health and overall wellness.

Together we set goals and devise a treatment plan that is best for you. It might entail a variety of approaches or only one or two, including therapy, medication evaluation and referral, bodywork, mindfulness training, meditation and guided imagery, spiritual exploration, group counseling and more.

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Where Can You Go for More Information

You'll find an endless supply of resources online for every mental health issue. Please take time to explore this website. Check our resources page and other pages of interest to you. Here are just a few resources to get you started.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Mental Health America (MHA)