Grief and Loss

The life cycle is full of joy and accomplishment--birth, first steps, school, graduations, work, marriage, raising a family, retirement. What happens when loss and grief interrupt the natural flow of life? When family, friends, or significant people in our lives die. Life's assumptions and expectations suddenly dissolve.What was meaningful yesterday, is a painful emptiness today. Life is turned upside down, unanchored, out of balance. Anger, denial, deep sadness, regret, guilt, even depression and anxiety can overwhelm and keep us stuck, with no relief in sight. Often, we feel like an outsider in our own homes, our workplaces, our religious congregations, among friends, neighbors, and just about anywhere.

Remember: Healing is a process. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Each of us moves through grief in our own way and in our own time. Healing will come. Trust in the process.

Treatment Options

  • Grief Counseling (individual, couples, families)
  • Writing and journaling
  • Meaning making
  • Bodywork for emotional healing
  • Extraordinary phenomena
  • Spiritual exploration

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