Relationship Counseling

Good relationships are really all about good communication. But it is often easier said than done. Patterns of poor communication and miscommunication once developed can persist for years. Unspoken assumptions and expectations can erode relationships right from the start.

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  ... if you want to start communicating, building trust, resolving old wounds, or just improving your relationship. Life is short. Love is plentiful. 

Relationship counseling isn't just marriage counseling.

Relationship counseling is about relationships of all kinds. Those who are:

  • Married
  • Cohabiting
  • Premarital
  • Gay, lesbian, transgender partners
  • Close friends
  • Polyamorous
  • Siblings
  • Adult children and parents
  • Families (however you define them)

The key to successful relationship counseling is to start with no assumptions and no expectations other than a firm belief that open, honest communication is critical. It can sometimes be rough, sometimes frustrating, sometimes painful, but always healing.

A Movie About Relationships

How Will We Love, from the filmmaker and composer, Chris Brickler, explores the human experience of romantic love and the modern dynamics that challenge long-term commitment. In 2004, Brickler interviewed his grandparents after their 63rd anniversary with the goal of creating a family DVD to carry on their legacy. This insight into his grandparents lasting relationship pushed him to ask others about their opinions and feelings on commitment. What they told him opened a groundswell of dialogue that couldn’t be contained in one short story or song.

Though the story is about "romantic love" between a man and a woman, it is really about all relationships.