Mindfulness Meditation Works

Are you ready to get serious?

At every moment and under all circumstances, I, Awareness, am free from and simultaneously one with all experience.
Rupert Spira

Spirit of Mindfulness:
Monthly Discussions with Kevin Henry

To discover more deeply the Spirit of Mindfulness, PIMH is offering FREE monthly two-hour sessions, for as long into the future as participants want, to discuss in a leisurely but intent way what informed, reputable teachers have to say about that spirit.

When: 3rd Saturday of each month   10:30am to 12:30pm

Where: 160 N. Craig St. Suite 212 Pittsburgh, PA
A book of very modest size chosen for its value, accessibility, clarity, and directness on the subject will be discussed each month (broken up into digestible sections over sessions, as appropriate) to deepen and enliven our explorations concerning that “true home.”Our first book will be Rupert Spira's,

Being Aware of Being Aware
(The Essence of Meditation Series)


Mindfulness Meditation: Why does it Work?

The efficacy of Mindfulness Meditation is firmly established. Its bio-psycho-social-spiritual benefits are documented repeatedly in numerous first-rate studies in settings from businesses to schools to clinics to prisons, and yet, so many of us continue still to dabble, setting ourselves up for disappointment, while wondering what else finally is going to turn everything around and bring us the happiness we really, really want. We’re missing the point--and not exactly asking ourselves the right questions.

The spirit of mindfulness properly understood is not that we can find a way to be untouched by life’s difficulties and challenges. It's that we are equal--equal--to all the difficulties and challenges of life. It is the acceptance of the invitation to undertake full engagement in life, to find our happiness from the inside-out as we go deeper, to a palpable understanding and experience of our place in the world, right here and right now.

We can do this by taking one step and another step and another into the greater realization of our largeness of being--a quiet largeness that is nothing less than our true home. Simply put, the “I, Awareness,” of which Rupert Spira speaks is each and every one of us.

So the big question is whether we’re really serious about more than the search for fast fixes of respite from pain. And are we ready to have our socks knocked off by the deeper realization of our unhidden but unrecognized reality as more, much more, than we dared think we are.
Kevin Henry, MSEd, LSW

Monday Night Mindfulness Meditation

The Spirit of Mindfulness Meditation monthly discussions will be natural accompaniments to the FREE Monday Night Mindfulness Meditation Sessions offered by PIMH, and allow interested participants an added venue for growing and deepening, together.

When: Every Monday 5:45pm-6:30pm
Where: 160 N. Craig St. Suite 212 Pittsburgh, PA