Workplace Grief Counseling


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Our Services include:

  • Facilitation of bereavement discussion groups
  • On-site and off-site support groups
  • Online discussion groups using corporate networks
  • Consultation on workplace bereavement policies

Tips on Helping When Grief Hits the Workplace

When a co-worker dies...
When a co-worker is grieving...
Know the company's bereavement policy.
Arrange for a company-wide meeting or notice.
Allow co-workers time off to attend the funeral.
Set aside time/space for co-workers to share feelings.
Donate to a special cause in honor of the person.
Create a work-related board or scrapbook to give to the family.
Support one another.
Acknowledge the death with a note or flowers or donations.
Ask the person what you can do to help (be specific).
Provide flexibility and help with time off or temporary re-distribution of work load.
Respect confidentiality.
Be patient, compassionate and available to listen.
If the bereaved person is not coping well, seek consultation or refer for counseling.

In all circumstances be patient and understand that you cannot “fix” grief. The grieving process takes time. Each person grieves differently. Openness and mutual support are essentials for coping with loss and grief in the workplace. 

Recognizing Common Grief Reactions in the Workplace

Grief is a natural human response. It is not resolved by the time employees return from bereavement leave. It may continue for weeks or months or even years. Is your workplace prepared to handle grief reactions? Are you and your workers able to recognize grief reactions? Can you balance a humane response with a focus on work performance?

Reactions to grief and loss can include:

  • Lower energy and productivity
  • Decreased concentration and forgetfulness
  • Poor judgment or decision-making ability
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Emotional outbursts and chronic sadness