Workplace Mental Health and Wellness

Starting a Dialogue

You know what you want from your employees--high productivity, low absenteeism, good physical and mental health.The things that make them happy and ultimately contribute to a better bottom line for you. But do you know what your employees want? When it comes to wellness in the workplace, maybe you should ask them. Is it:

  • An office environment that emphasizes light, openness, privacy, noise control, and good traffic flow?
  • Furnishings and work spaces that are comfortable, ergonomic, uncluttered, conducive to concentration, creativity, and low stress?
  • Access to spaces for exercise, relaxation, mindful meditation, healthy meal preparation, or just re-energizing?
  • Opportunities for wellness education with special experiential programs and resources?
  • Employee benefits that include health and wellness alternatives not generally covered by insurance or typical employee assistance plans?
  • Benefits that can extend to family members as well?
  • Conflict resolution and relationship building that can be expertly facilitated in real time through counseling, coaching, or nontraditional methods?
  • Help in communicating sensitive information on illness, loss, or grief among coworkers in a humane and compassionate way?

Our team of wellness practitioners at Pittsburgh Integrative Mental health can help you put it all in motion. The concept of integrative mental health is a new and expanding model for wellness that uses alternative and complimentary modalities in combination with traditional methods of mental health care to address physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

What have you got to lose?

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