The Afterlife That Is the Now Life
A Workshop with Kevin Henry, LSW
Meet also local medium Deborah Pakler (October 28th)


Note from Judith Gusky, LPC: For some people, spirituality can be pivotal in grappling with mental illness, grief, or simply in finding meaning in everyday life. The net of spirituality is spreading ever wider over human understanding of life and death. Scores of reported "extra-ordinary" experiences, children's spontaneous memories of past lives and lives in-between lives, and channeled communications from the spiritual realm over the last century leave little doubt that our material world is not all there is to existence. Remarkably, science and technology are contributing to that expanding understanding.

Some may call it energy or universal consciousness or paranormal phenomenon. Others may call it multidimensional planes or extrasensory experiences or God. However we label it, spirituality defines the human experience no more nor less than our physical humanity and the external reality in which we find ourselves. In view of this perspective, I am happy to announce an upcoming workshop offered by Kevin Henry, LSW to help us explore the afterlife and the now, or as Kevin calls it: The Afterlife That is the Now.

Dates: Saturdays in October, 2017
October 7, 14, 21 and 28
Times: 10:00am - 12:00noon

Location: 160 N. Craig St. Suite 212

Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health
Validated Parking Available

Cost: $60

Space is limited.
We will send final registration link in the next
few weeks for those wishing to attend.

About the Workshop

Even children wonder, and certainly we adults too: What can be said about what happens when we die? Well, in a spirit of open, innocent, sincere curiosity and inquiry, let’s have a workshop and begin to explore.

In the literature of the testimonies of “departed souls” who have shared something of their afterlife experiences, one account stands out as unusually comprehensive, detailed,and thoroughly vetted. That is the account of British poet, writer and a founder of the Society for Psychical Research, Frederic Myers (1843-1901). Thirty years after his death, Myers is said to have begun to communicate his spiritual experiences through the pen of Geraldine Cummins (1890-1969), a noted Irish medium and automatic writer.

Cummins compiled Myers' channeled communications into two modest-sized books: The Road to Immortality and Beyond Human Personality, originally published in 1932 and 1935, respectively. Since then, for reasons that have become evident to sincere explorers, Cummins' books have provided intriguing and splendid insight into the structure and purpose of the afterlife experience (as channeled by Frederic Myers).

For decades, the exploration of afterlife inquiry has been nothing less than an essential question and a kind of constant personal companion to me. In addition, I have had the good fortune of often startling personal experiences and discoveries, and I keep finding Myers’ material compelling, and an often "perfect-fit" with the most stirring of these experiences. I cannot help but think that others in their own way will be similarly moved—and deeply awed.

Very briefly, Myers’ communications include:

  • An outline and generous exposition of seven levels or “planes of being” that constitute the continuing soul-development that is the ongoing purpose of the afterlife.
  • Explicit explanation of the specific nature of each of the seven levels and their particular contribution to that overall purpose of soul-development.
  • A frequent and uncompromising exhortation for all of us to ready ourselves for “the afterlife” by cultivating an attitude of “imaginative creativity."
  • Commentary on related topics of metaphysics, such as “Free Will,” ”Memory,” “Reincarnation,” Happiness,” “Hell,” and why “God is Greater than Love.”
  • A strong statement on the importance of each of us to one another--and why chaos, disorder, and great challenges are an integral and omnipresent part of life.
  • Intimations of the difficulties inherent in efforts of communication “from the other side."

A primary and essential discovery of Myers' material is how the afterlife experience is at once similar to, inclusive of, and different from the very multi-dimensional lives we are all, in our many and varied ways, living right here, right now. That “interplay” and its importance will constitute a major portion of our exploration in this workshop. This will take place both in our discussions and in time set aside for periods of stillness to consider and digest this rich and expansive material.

Additionally, as time permits, some especially important and relevant information from related fields that dovetail fascinatingly with Myers’ work will be included, such as core principles derived from quantum physics; near death experiences; the “between-lives” hypnotic regression work of Michael Newton; and self-supporting principles of non-duality/consciousness inquiry.

Finally, it struck me that it would be appropriate and desirable that a psychic medium be involved as a kind of “expert consultant” or “witness of general veracity” in our workshop exploration. In this regard, I am delighted to have just such a consultant. Pittsburgh resident, Debbie Pakler, PhD is a noteworthy professional medium, and, happily, will be joining us on the final Saturday of the workshop.

A side note: Because it is fully expected that many participants’ interest in this workshop will be motivated by questions/concerns specifically related to deceased loved ones, it is important to clarify that Debbie will not be providing formal readings on this occasion. If requested, Debbie will provide contact information for scheduling such readings at the conclusion of the workshop.
While not required, participants are encouraged to read Geraldine Cummins' book: Road to Immortality, [see link to above], prior to the start of the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry

Kevin Henry has been a psychotherapist in the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years and frequently offers workshops at Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health in meditation, mindfulness, and meditative movement.

He is a long-time teacher of meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong, He teaches classes in psychotherapy treatment models for professional counselors as part of Pitt’s continuing education program. His own professional career includes work at (formerly)The Rehabilitation Institute, as a teacher of children and adults with special needs; a therapist in the program for head injury rehabilitation; and as a behavioral medicine specialist. He recently retired from 24 years as a full time counselor and bereavement care coordinator for Forbes Hospice.

Deborah Pakler

Rev. Dr. Debbie Pakler is a professional Psychic Medium. She is certified as a medium and spiritual counselor through the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship at Delphi University. She has also received training at the Arthur Findlay College in London, England and in Lily Dale, N.Y. She is ordained through the International University of Metaphysics. Debbie is also a licensed social worker, ordained metaphysical minister, certified grief counselor, permanently certified public school teacher and counselor. Debbie holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics with a concentration in Comparative Religions, Master of Arts in Counseling and Master of Social Work. Well-known for her accurate and empathic readings, she says that her greatest desire is to use the spiritual insights and contacts she receives as a psychic medium to support others in finding a clearer path in their personal growth and peace of mind in connecting with their loved ones. She is the owner of Blooming Spirit Enterprises in Regent Square. You can find out more about Dr. Debbie on her website: